The Old Market Hall (Stará tržnica) in Bratislava is a historical building dating from 1910. It currently serves as a meeting point, offering food markets every Saturday and cultural events on other days. Situated in the building are two cafés, a grocery shop, a cooking school and a soda water manufacture.


The food markets in Stará tržnica take place every Saturday from 10:00 am (8:00 am in July & August) till 3:00 pm.
Most of the products are being sold directly by their producers, who are also mostly situated in the Bratislava region, plus there is also a selection of the best of the rest of the world.

Stará tržnica, Bratislava

Apart from being a market place, the Old Market Hall also hosts various cultural and social events. Concerts, performances, exhibitions, festivals, fashion walks and more; those are just a few examples of the types of events that took place in the building during the last year.

The building belongs to the City of Bratislava, but is operated by a civic association Alliance Old Market Hall (Aliancia Stará Tržnica) since September 2013. The Alliance not only takes care of the programme, but also invests in the reconstruction and maintenance of the building.