Send your plants to Oasis!03. December 2018

Send your plants to Oasis!

Slowly, we are opening the mysterious greenhouse in the Old Market Hall. The Oasis hidden inside the building won't be just an ecosystem for various plants; it will also be an open space for everyone, who (photo)synthesizes light into a positive energy.

The three principles of the Oasis:
* Adoption - have the plants at your home grown over your head? You don't have enough time to take care of them or have they grown too big? Bring them to us and we will take care of them with love. We can also help with transporting the big ones!
* Sanatorium - does it seem to you that your plant doesn't look good and it's not caused by vermin? Is it sad, sickly and simply tired of living? Bring it to our Oasis for a rehabilitation and afterward, you can take it back home! We don't guarantee it's survival, but we will do all in our powers to return your plant relaxed and energized. ;)
* Library - the Oasis will function not only as a relaxing space for plants but also for you. We plan to turn it into a living community space with books from the fields of botany, gastronomy and urbanism. If you have some spare ones at home, we will be happy to adopt them. 

You can donate your plants every Saturday during the food markets. Just visit our info point. 

If you have additional questions or would like to secure a transport for bigger plants, contact us at

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