The food market code23. March 2018

Photo: Nora&Jakub

The selection of marketers and food market organization in the Old Market Hall is guided by the so-called „Code of the food markets“, which can be found in its full wording HERE (Slovak only). The code was made in cooperation with the civic association Slow Food Pressburg.

When selecting the marketers, we consider the following:

  • we prioritize small farmers, family farms and small local manufacturers active in our region;
  • when it comes to food re-sellers, we consider whether their products are grow-able or manufacture-able in the local environment – in Slovakia. This type of assortment is only sold by its farmers or producers;
  • when it comes to re-sellers, who offer foreign products, we consider the origins of the goods and favor those, that are exceptional due to their quality, as well as traditional specialties, handmade goods or products in bio quality or fair trade. At the same time, we prioritize small importers, who only specialize in one specific product/selection of products or country/region;
  • when it comes to gastronomy, we consider the origin and quality of the input goods and favor those, who at least partially use products from local farmers and manufacturers;
  • the majority of the sellers on our markets are farmers or small local food manufacturers (at least 70%) against (max. 30%) grocery re-sellers;
  • cosmetic products must not create more than 5% of the absolute number of marketers and we favor Slovak manufacturers of quality natural cosmetics;

An unique city project

05. September 2017
On the square in front of the Old Market Hall, a unique city project came to life – up! city. Founders of the project are Volkswagen Slovakia (VW SK) and Aliancia Stará Tržnica (AST) together with their partners – The City of Bratislava, ZSE and cycle courier Švihaj Šuhaj. Read more