Mini Maker Faire Bratislava

Mini Maker Faire Bratislava

Maker Faire „The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth“, it is an inventor’s exhibition, a fun fair and at the same time something completely new. It’s a family-friendly showcase of innovation, creativity, and technology, where every creator can exhibit their project, project ducts, gadget, hack, experiment or hobby. Some of them present themselves for the first time publicly.

Maker Faire is a meeting of creative and inquisitive people who enjoy learning new things and share knowledge and experience in an informal and friendly environment. Where else should such an event be held, than in the heart of the Europe, in Bratislava.

Come and take part in the biggest celebration of innovation and creativity first time in Slovakia!

The organizer of Mini Maker Faire Bratislava is o.z. Inovácie a Tradície, e-mail:


You can buy your ticket here: