The invisible market hall05. August 2018

The invisible market hall

Lab café workshop
Lab is not just a café and co-working space. Right underneath it is also a workshop equipped with a wide scale of machines, from the simplest up to hi-tech like 3D printers or a laser cutter. All interested in operating the machines will be at first professionally trained.

Shenk Brewery
Výčap u Ernőho became a favorite pub for many Bratislava citizens and tourists. But did you know, that the beers they serve you here originate only a few meters away, in the Old Market Hall underground? You can also encounter their beers in the nearby KC Dunaj.

Soda Water from the Old Market Hall
In the past, the Old Market Hall also served as an exchange point for soda bottles. A few years ago, We've decided to follow this tradition by founding our own soda water manufacture. You can encounter our soda water not only at our regular Saturday food markets but also in various pubs and restaurants in the Bratislava city center.

Švihaj Šuhaj
One of the first cycle courier services in Bratislava has a workshop in our underground, where they store and repair their bicycles. At the same time, they help us to distribute the soda water and beer with their cargo bicycles.

How to create a living plaza?

02. May 2018
We can create a functional and accessible city space in Bratislava by imposing simple changes to the Námestie SNP and the Kamenné námestie. Read more

The food market code

Photo: Nora&Jakub

23. March 2018
The selection of marketers and food market organization in the Old Market Hall is guided by the so-called „Code of the food markets“, which can be found in its full wording HERE (Slovak only). The code was made in cooperation with the civic association Slow Food Pressburg. Read more