World art is moving to Bratislava

01. June 2023
The international art group Numen/For use is moving to Bratislava again after two years. They will create a unique art installation here, adaptations of which have already been admired by visitors in Paris, Melbourne, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Florence. Visit the Old Market during the summer and join the international audience. Read more

Spring is approaching and life around the market is fully awakening.

02. March 2023
Nice weather, a community garden, the first Street food park - life around the market is waking up from its winter sleep. Read more

The year 2022 in the Old Market Hall

30. December 2022
The end of this year is approaching, so we invite you to look with us at everything that has happened in the last twelve months. Read more

Become a part of the INNER LIFE by MAOTIK work of art in the Stará tržnica!

03. July 2022
Experience and create a unique digital world of live images and sounds that react to your movement. The floor of the Old Market will be transformed into an interactive canvas on which visitors will create unique digital images and sounds by moving their bodies. Read more

Let's have lunch in The Canteen – Pop Up Kitchen of Old Market Hall

05. April 2022
You can finally have a good lunch in Old Markt Hall. We are opening a canteen for you, the pop-up kitchen, which is held by chef Daniel Karas. Read more