Street Food Park

Street Food Park

Once a month, Street Food Park brings food trucks with quality and interesting street food affront the Old Market Hall. In a lovely atmosphere and in the company of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances, you can enjoy lunch, afternoon snack or gain energy for the evening program in the city center. Street Food Park takes place once a month on the square in front of the Old Market Hall with the exception of winter when it moves inside the building.

Street Food Park is more than just tasty meals – we also host a music program and since November 2017, the whole event follows the Zero Waste philosophy. That means, that all waste is separated and recycled. At the same time, all meals are served in biodegradable dishes and cutlery. No plastic!

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NewsInteraktívnou preliezkou v Starej tržnici sa počas leta prešlo viac ako 18 000 návštevníkov

04. October 2021
V bratislavskej Starej tržnici ste počas tohto leta mohli zažiť veľkorozmernú, site-specific inštaláciu Tube od medzinárodného autorského kolektívu Numen/For Use. Tú si počas desiatich týždňov vyskúšalo viac ako 18 000 návštevníkov. Read more