The regular food market in the Old Market Hall follows the tradition of the building being a marketplace. In its form, the market is unique in Bratislava and surrounding areas. It offers mostly food produced by the regional farmers and producers, which are accompanied by foreign delicacies, but that's not all!

Markets in the Old Market Hall are first and foremost about the experience. Their unique vibe is accompanied by various activities. You can taste foreign cuisines in our Community kitchen, where every Saturday, the minorities living in Bratislava cook their specialties. There's also the theater focused on children audiences, which takes place every time at 11:00 am. There's also a children playground available during the whole duration of the market.
The market offer is regularly accompanied by various flea markets and other special activities. You can also hand over your used kitchen oil for further processing at our info-point or donate your old bakery goods to the Farma Franková. They'll use it to feed their poultry. 

In cooperation with the cycle courier service Švihaj Šuhaj, we also offer to deliver your purchase from the market right to your doorstep. At the info point, just check if your address is located within our delivery area and then place an order with your preferred delivery time (on a given day between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm). The price for one full box delivery is € 2; if the box is not filled entirerly 4 €.

The current list of marketers that you can find at the approaching market, as well as an overview of our accompanying activities and services, are published every Thursday on our Facebook social network profile.

The selection of marketers and food market organization in the Old Market Hall is guided by the so-called „Code of the food markets“, which can be found in its full wording here (Slovak only). The code was made in cooperation with the civic association Slow Food Pressburg.

When selecting the marketers, we consider the following:

  • we prioritize small farmers, family farms and small local manufacturers active in our region;
  • when it comes to food re-sellers, we consider whether their products are grow-able or manufacture-able in the local environment – in Slovakia. This type of assortment is only sold by its farmers or producers;
  • when it comes to re-sellers, who offer foreign products, we consider the origins of the goods and favor those, that are exceptional due to their quality, as well as traditional specialties, handmade goods or products in bio quality or fair trade. At the same time, we prioritize small importers, who only specialize in one specific product/selection of products or country/region;
  • when it comes to gastronomy, we consider the origin and quality of the input goods and favor those, who at least partially use products from local farmers and manufacturers;
  • the majority of the sellers on our markets are farmers or small local food manufacturers (at least 70%) against (max. 30%) grocery re-sellers;
  • cosmetic products must not create more than 5% of the absolute number of marketers and we favor Slovak manufacturers of quality natural cosmetics;

Registration for marketers:

Dogs are allowed to visit our markets, but they must be on the leech and under control of their owner or another responsible person all the time.

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