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For visitors

The Old Market Hall is a historical building from 1910. In its over a 100 years long history, it served many purposes; it was a market space as well as warehouse and studios for the Slovak National Television. Since 2013 a civic association The Alliance Old Market Hall (Aliancia Stará Tržnica) takes care of this building owned by the City of Bratislava. Since then, the Alliance revitalizes this before abandoned market hall with the aim to turn it into a marketplace as well as a cultural event venue.

The food markets take place every Saturday (with the exception of Easter and Christmas) from 09:00 am until 3:00 pm. On the rest of the days, various cultural, gastronomic and social gatherings and events take place.

On the perimeter of the building, there are various businesses in operation. The Foodstock bistro offers Asian style cuisine and in the Výčap u Ernőho, you can have a beer from a small brewery Shenk, which operates in the basement of the building.
There's also the Lab cafe, which includes a co-working space and a workshop in the basement. Inside of the building you can find the soda water manufacture and cycle-courier Švihaj Šuhaj, which also distributes the soda and beer from the Old Market Hall within the city. Don't miss the up! city office, where you can rent a VW e-up!, a bicycle or a scooter.


How was the market square before the Old Market Hall? Was this building even necessary to be built? And how did it change its surroundings? If you'd like to know the answers to these and other questions about the history of the Old Market Hall, you can dig into this section on the Bratislavské rožky website (Slovak only).

NewsWe'll deliver your purchase from the Saturday's market to your doorstep!

11. October 2018
You don't have to carry your purchase from the Saturday's market yourself anymore, the Švihaj Šuhaj cycle couriers will deliver it right to your doorstep. Read more