In the Old Market Hall we do everything to make you feel safe with us12. October 2020

In the Old Market Hall we do everything to make you feel safe with us

Given the current pandemic situation, we would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to create a safe place for you where you can shop without stress and unnecessary worries.

We disinfect the building regularly and during the markets it is also constantly ventilated. There is also a cleaning service on site, which is responsible for the cleanliness of the premises throughout the day.

We adjusted the floor plan of the market so that the total space in the market is adapted to the current measures. We have set up controlled entrances, thanks to which we have an overview of how many visitors are in the building at a given time.

Due to the pandemic, we will continue to be subject to stricter hygiene measures, which we will follow together with the retailers. Please follow them as well:

  • Follow the instructions of the organizing service on site.
  • Enter the market area ONLY with your mouth and nose covered and keep them covered throughout your whole stay. In case you forgot your face mask, do not hesitate to contact our service at the entrance, which will give you a new one.
  • Use hand disinfection located at the entrances and in the market area.
  • Keep a reasonable distance from each other.
  • Do not touch the trash cans. You will be served by our staff, who will open the right container for you.
  • If you develop symptoms of acute respiratory disease, it is necessary to contact your physicians by phone and leave the Old Market Hall premises immediately. If you have developed symptoms of acute respiratory disease (fever, cough, cold, difficulty breathing), you are obliged to stay in home isolation.

Thank you for being considerate and protecting not only yourself but also others around you. 

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